About Us 

    Since its inception, Ambertouch has established its presence in the amber industry in Malaysia. We are pleased to say we are the leading expert in the field. We strongly uphold a belief that we are not just selling jewelry, but also providing a holistic experience helping our customers to make a perfect choice.
    Ambertouch aims to be the leading amber jewellery provider in Malaysia with a focus on the quality and exquisite designs of its products. Ambertouch offers the finest, most carefully selected collection of premium authentic amber jewellery. With amber being the main focus, we provide a variety of fine and unique pieces such as pendants, earrings, rings, and bracelets. Other products like handcrafted items, baby teething necklaces, and rosaries are also available. Our suppliers are from leading manufacturers and as such customers can be assured of the authenticity of our range of products.

    What is Baltic Amber?

    Contrary to common belief, amber is not a crystal or stone but is an organic material. It is formed from the hardened resin of prehistoric pine trees. Ivory, coral, and pearl are also some of the other members of this organic gem family. 
    The extinct amber forest grew during the late Eocene period. It occupied large areas of Scandinavia and the present Baltic Sea. The trees produced large amounts of resin, and as the liquid oozed out and down the trunks it captured small living creatures like mosquitoes and ants and even parts of plants along its journey. Hence the movie, Jurassic Park, was based on a plot that scientists extracted dinosaurs' DNA from a mosquito trapped in amber. It took millions of years for the ancient tree resin to solidified and create the beautiful warm color gem.
    In appearance, Baltic Amber is bright and very light to wear. Its golden orange hues infuse its surroundings with opulence and warmth that help calm the mind creating a mood of relaxation.

    Benefits of Baltic Amber 

    At Ambertouch, we provide only authentic Baltic Amber. Baltic Amber is the only amber that contains up to 8% high concentration level of succinic acid on its surface. Succinic acid is also known as amber acid. It was an ancient medicine used for thousands of years and is absorbed by the skin when the amber is at body temperature.
    The healing properties of Baltic Amber believed to be as follows:
    1. It strengthens the human body’s own immune system.
    2. It helps to alleviate stress and anxiety.
    3. It improves cellular respiration and glucose metabolism.
    4. It is antioxidants-rich and anti-inflammatory. Many who suffer from rheumatism wear Baltic Amber to relieve the pain caused by this inflammatory condition.
    5. It is a wonderful cleanser and helps rid the body of toxic or unhealthy substances. Many gurus wear Baltic Amber to cleanse their souls and stay healthy and happy.

    Our Promise 

    Ambertouch is committed to providing the highest quality products. We stand by our goal to only source 100% genuine and natural Baltic Amber. 
    We are a member of the International Amber Association (IAA) with more than 15 years of accumulated knowledge and experience. Our close partnership with established manufacturers assures a trustworthy supply of genuine amber.
    Due to our persistent policy in selling only top-grade Baltic Amber, we have developed long-term relationships with many clients who rate our products highly and continue doing business with us, now and into the future. 
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