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Established in 2005, Baltic Gold Enterprise focuses on amber jewelry imported from the Baltic region, in particular Poland. Owned by Ms. Jolanta Pawlowska Hong, Baltic Gold Enterprise prides itself for paying particular attention to quality and design. Our supply sources are from established manufacturers, and as such we are able to guarantee the authenticity of our range of products. We closely follow new trends and assure our customers that we have a good variety of modern designs. The aim of Baltic Gold Enterprise is simply to be the best in the amber jewelry retail market, with focus on details and quality.

What is Amber?

Baltic Amber

Baltic amber is fossilized resin of ancient, coniferous trees which are pine type of trees.  The amber forest populated Northern Europe around 40-60 million years ago at the location of current Scandinavia. During warmer climates the trees produced a lot of resin which oozed out excessively whenever they were wounded or attacked by insects. Large rivers that develop later carried tree trunks to territory of Poland and Russia, currently the largest deposits of amber.


Colours of Baltic Amber

Commonly amber is associated with a yellow transparent gem. In reality Baltic amber comes in many colors and degrees of transparency. The colors are: white, cream, lemon, honey and brown, it can be greenish, bluish and even black. Amber transparency varies from absolutely transparent to totally opaque.



Inclusions are the most extraordinary thing about amber. These are mostly small insects and plants parts that were preserved in the ancient resin. Amber resin was fluid and very sticky and it harden quickly thus it was a dangerous trap for small flies, ants and other insects.

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Studs Square Amber Earrings Fashonable Handcrafted Amber Ring
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